About SOS Children Village Mozambique


SOS Children’s Villages Mozambique is a non-for profit charity Non-Governmental Organization with affiliation to SOS Children’s Villages International. SOS Children’s Villages was founded in 1948 in Austria by Herman Gmeiner .
Our mission is to build families for children in need, help them shape their own futures and share in the development of the children´s communities. We helps orphaned and abandoned children and children that are at risk of losing care givers in the communities. As an organization we give these children the opportunity to build a lasting relationships within a family in accordance to  our organizational vision: “All children belong to a family and they grow up with love, respect and security”.

SOS Children’s Villages Mozambique has been operating for 26 years since the organization’s initial intervention in Tete province in 1986 .

At the moment we have has six children’s villages for Family Based Child Care (FBC) and we have also  implemented a Family Strengthening (FS) Program for supporting children in their families of origin in Tete, Maputo, Pemba, Inhambane, Chimoio and Beira.

More than 7833 children are supported on our programmes, 832 in the SOS Villages and 7001 are supported within their families of origin within  the Family Strengthening Programme.

SOS Children’s Village’s goal is to reduce vulnerability of children without caregivers and those at risk of losing their caregivers through strengthening family support within an alternative care system and at the same time within the child’s family of origin for community empowerment in support of vulnerable children