We Welcome and Invite you to become an SOS Friend.



We invite you to join our SOS  Club of Friends and with monthly giving donations continuously help to provide care for children without parents or parental care.Funds raised through Club of Friends will be used to cover the cost of everyday life of 890 children and youngsters who live in SOS Children’s Villages and SOS Youth Facilities. Our ultimate goal is preparing our children for independent life.

Who Can Join the SOS Club of friends?

Friend’s Club welcomes everyone who has a big heart, kind spirit and who are willing to contribute regularly and consistently to the welfare of children, who are deprived of parental care. People, who are regularly involved with SOS Children’s village children and/or donate a suitable sum on monthly bases, will become members of the Friends’ Club of SOS Children’s Village.


How being an SOS Friend will make a difference.

There are 890 children living in the SOS Children’s Villages in Mozambique  who require you help to get by in their day to day lives. You also have a great chance to contribute a small amount that will transform into something big -  which will result in  giving a loving home ,access  to Clean water , Nutritious food , Healthcare , Education and More for these children without parental care .

How can i become involved?

Caring just a little bit will come to a noteworthy sum over the months. For instance donating 33 cents a day will provide a child with 10 dollars a month.

Get involved by donating 5USD, 10USD or more a month to a child at the SOS Children’s Village. The Children are waiting for you to make a donation today and by doing that you will give them the gift of a better future! Every donation will bring happiness and good to the children’s lives and will help them to get closer to their dreams.

Call or email now and make become an SOS Friend  
Tel:  21 400850 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.