Sponsor a Child



What it Mean  to be a Child Sponsor

When you sponsor an SOS child, you make it possible for a child to grow up in a secure environment.  Your contribution helps us to meet the child’s daily needs, guarantees medical assistance and also ensures quality education for the child.

What You Receive  as a Child Sponsor

As a child sponsor, you will establish a long-term relationship with an SOS child.  You will watch your sponsored child grow up and get insight into life in their shoes.  You and your sponsored child will become acquainted through:

·         A welcome packet containing your sponsor handbook, a photograph of your sponsored child, biographical information, and a detailed description of the SOS Village.
·         Annual progress report every summer about your child;
·         Holiday greetings, a recent picture of your child, and a report on village activities;
·         Notification of your sponsored child’s birthday and an opportunity to send your child a birthday gift via the Maputo office; and Letters that you may write to your child.
·         Some sponsors even choose to visit their sponsored child or village.  These visits are arranged through our Sponsorship Office and require 4-6 weeks advance notice


How Much Does it Cost?


For just USD 30 PER MONTH, you can sponsor an SOS orphan and make a difference in the lives of children in need. For about $1 a day, you’ll provide children in need with access to life-saving basics like:

•             Clean water

•             Nutritious food

•             Healthcare

•             Education and More


Questions About Your Sponsorship?



Please refer to your Sponsorship Handbook for more details about sponsorship. When other questions arise, we encourage you to contact our Sponsorship Office by phone or by email.

Telephone: 21 400850
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.